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Delta Air Lines Hand Luggage Allowance at a Glance

Delta Airlines


How much hand luggage can I take with me on Delta Air Lines?

At Delta Air Lines you can take on board a large piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 56 x 35 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 inches) and a personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag.

As far as the weight of hand luggage is concerned, Delta Air Lines has no weight limit. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • Changi International Airport (SIN): The weight of hand luggage must not exceed 7 kg
  • Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK): The maximum weight for hand luggage on domestic flights is limited to 10 kg. For international flights, the regulations of the respective airline must be observed
  • Pudong International Airport (PVG): Hand luggage may not weigh more than 10 kg


Delta Airlines Hand Luggage Allowance


Delta Air Lines: Carry-on baggage allowance for babies & (small) children

At Delta Air Lines, infants who travel free of charge (possible in the US) are not entitled to free baggage allowance.

If your baby/infant travels on your lap, your baby is also not entitled to regular hand luggage (trolley, handbag, etc.).

If you have purchased a seat for your toddler (0-2 years) (Note: in this case your child must be seated in a child seat or secured using another suitable child restraint system such as the Cares belt), he/she will benefit from the same free hand luggage allowance as adult passengers.

You can find out what other items can be brought along for infants and under what circumstances this is the case here.

The regulations for babies & toddlers are complex. More important information on this subject can be found on the following pages of Delta Air Lines:

  • Travelling with infants
  • Children & infant baggage

    Liquids in hand luggage at Delta Air Lines

    As far as liquids in hand luggage are concerned, Delta Air Lines also applies the rules of EU Regulation No. 185/2010 when you fly from Europe (EU).

    If you are flying with Delta Air Lines from America, you must comply with the rules of the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    But when it comes to liquids, the rules are as good as identical as ours. According to the TSA, the following applies:

    • All liquids must be stowed in a plastic bag
    • This bag must be resealable and transparent
    • The volume of the bag must not exceed one litre
    • Each liquid container may only hold 100 ml (3.4 ounces)
    • The plastic bag must be shown separately at the security checkpoint
    • Only one bag per person

    For more information about these liquid bags, what they contain and what they do not contain, where to find them (e.g. at the airport) and how expensive they are, please refer to our article: Hand luggage bags for liquids: Where to buy What do I need to know?

    For information about the transport of liquids within the US and also when travelling FROM the US, here is the official link of the American Transportation Security Agency.


    Delta Air Lines: Take food with you in your hand luggage

    As a general rule, it is allowed to bring food in hand luggage.

    Solid food does not cause any problems at the security checkpoint, nor are there any problems if you consume it on board.

    Whether biscuits, chips, sandwiches or even fruits, you can take these food products on board and consume them without hesitation.

    However, not all food can be imported just like that. For example, depending on the destination country (travel zone) there are restrictions and bans on certain food products.

    The import of milk and meat products is completely prohibited in most of the countries.

    Find out from the customs authorities in the destination country (via the website) which foodstuffs may be imported and which may not!

    The embassy in the destination country may also be able to help you as a further point of contact.

    As far as liquid food is concerned, you must comply with the rules for liquids in hand luggage.

    For example, jam and spreads such as Nutella are also considered liquid.


    Musical instruments in the cabin at Delta Air Lines

    In principle, smaller musical instruments such as guitars or violins can be brought on board as hand luggage at Delta Air Lines.

    However, the following must be observed:

    Delta Air Lines does not guarantee that you can actually take your musical instrument into the cabin as a normal piece of hand luggage. Only when you board will you know whether there is enough room on board for your instrument or not. If not, the instrument must be transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

    If you want to make sure that you can take your musical instrument into the cabin, you will have to book an additional seat.

    An additional seat on Delta Air Lines (and virtually all other airlines, by the way) costs the same as a regular seat. So if you want to take your instrument with you on an extra seat, it is guaranteed to be a costly affair.

    Furthermore, Delta Air Lines pays particular attention to the following when transporting your instrument to an additional seat:

    • The instrument must not weigh more than 75 kg
    • The instrument must be properly secured by a seat belt

    There are other important points that need to be considered in this context. You will find the relevant information here (see the section “For which instruments do I have to buy my own ticket?”).

    Traditionally, an additional seat is ideal for transporting cellos. It should also be possible to transport a guitar.

    Transporting musical instruments by air is a delicate matter. Therefore, take these 9 tips for the transport of musical instruments by air to be optimally prepared for the journey with the instrument into account.


    Delta Air Lines: Pets in the cabin

    Delta Air Lines carries dogs and cats in the passenger cabin. Within the US, domestic birds may also be allowed in the cabin.

    The transportation of pets in the cabin is relatively complex and there are many important things to consider. For example, you will need a suitable container for your pet.

    In addition, your pet must have various accompanying documents (pet passport, vaccinations, etc.) in order to be eligible for transportation.

    You will find all important information on the official website of Delta Air Lines.


    Delta Air Lines: Please note for flights to the US

    Anyone flying to the US with Delta Air Lines or another European airline such as British Airways or SWISS must observe the powder rule.

    Essentially, this rule states that powders in containers larger than 350 ml must be subjected to an additional screening at the security checkpoint. These powders in larger containers (>350 ml) must be shown separately at the security check.

    It is best to pack powders over 350 ml directly into your checked luggage to avoid delays at the security check.

    If you are flying to the US with Delta Air Lines, there are other important things you should be aware of. For example, you should make sure that you are travelling with baggage that has a TSA lock. Other important travel information for travel to the US can be found in our article: 7 Things to Consider When Traveling to the US.


    How strict is Delta Air Lines on hand luggage?

    Delta Air Lines is not known as a strict airline when it comes to hand luggage. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Delta Air Lines generally has no weight limit for hand luggage (although there are a few routes where this is not the case).

    On most Delta Air Lines flights, hand baggage may therefore be of any weight as long as the maximum dimensions for hand baggage defined by Delta Air Lines are adhered to.

    In the US, however, airlines that have no weight limit for hand luggage are anything but rare. American Airlines & United Airlines also do not have a weight limit for hand luggage.

    Delta Air Lines is also not known as an airline that carries out meticulous checks when it comes to the size of hand luggage.

    Sometimes you may have to check in your hand luggage at the gate. But this is also rather rare with Delta Air Lines, while it is systematically practised with other airlines.

    Another proof that Delta Air Lines is quite generous with hand luggage can be found in the way the airline deals with “accessories”.

    Accessories are items that can be taken on board in addition to the regular free hand luggage allowance. With many airlines the policy regarding accessories is extremely intransparent and as a passenger you don’t really know with many airlines whether you are allowed to take an umbrella or for example a camera with you in addition to your regular hand luggage.

    Delta Air Lines publishes this information on its website and you can see at a glance which accessories are allowed and which are not (see info graphic above).

    Delta Air Lines may have its weaknesses like any other airline, but as far as the handling and the tolerance/kindness for hand luggage is concerned, the American airline gives a very good picture.


    How do I get in contact with Delta Air Lines?


    Delta Airlines

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    Delta Air Lines can be reached via the following contact channels:

    If you would like to contact Delta Air Lines via social media, then contacting them via Twitter is a good option.

    If you would like to contact Delta Air Lines by phone, you can reach the hotline as follows:


    Delta Air Lines Hotline Number US: 0848 000 872


    Delta Air Lines FAQ


    Can I take a backpack into the cabin of Delta Air Lines in addition to my hand luggage?

    Yes, the free hand baggage allowance includes a large piece of hand baggage as well as a personal item for the cabin. This could be, for example, a small backpack.


    Can I carry a handbag with Delta Air Lines in addition to my hand luggage?

    Yes, you are entitled to a large piece of hand luggage and a personal item. For example, you can bring a hand luggage trolley and a handbag on board as part of your free baggage allowance. However, what you cannot do is to bring on board a trolley, a handbag and a laptop, i.e. three separate pieces of hand luggage. In this case, you would have to stow the laptop in the handbag or trolley because only two pieces of hand luggage are allowed (large piece of hand luggage + personal item, whereby the personal item can be a handbag or laptop bag, for example).


    Can I carry a Powerbank in my hand luggage at Delta Air Lines?

    Powerbanks (up to 100 Wh without prior notice, if 100 to 160 watt hours, then only with prior notice and a maximum of two per passenger) are allowed in Delta Air Lines hand luggage. In checked baggage, Powerbanks are now banned by practically all airlines.


    Can I bring a shaver with me in my hand luggage at Delta Air Lines?

    Electric shavers are allowed in hand luggage. Also wet razors with blades behind bars (disposable razors) as well as epilators and beard trimmers are allowed in hand luggage. What is prohibited in hand luggage are wet razors with exposed blades and separate razor blades.


    If I am flying with Delta Air Lines from the US, what about liquids in hand luggage?

    The rules for liquids in hand luggage in the US are practically identical to the rules we know from Europe (EU). The US rules as stated by the TSA are as follows: Liquids in hand luggage must be carried in containers of no more than 100 ml (3.4 ounces) each and you must stow these containers in the bag of liquids (this bag must be transparent and resealable and the capacity of the bag must not exceed one litre).


    Can I bring medication in my hand luggage on Delta Air Lines flights?

    Yes, medication is also allowed in Delta Air Lines hand luggage. As a rule, tablets can be carried without any restrictions (well, they must be intended for personal use). Liquid medication can also be carried in hand luggage, even in containers >100 ml, as there is an exception rule for liquid medication and liquid baby food in hand luggage. However, you must have a medical certificate for such medicines (only for medicine in containers exceeding 100 ml) in order for the exception rule to apply. For more information, contact the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


    Does Delta Air Lines have a live chat function?

    Delta Air Lines does not currently offer live chat. If you would like to contact the airline, you can do so by telephone via the hotline, Facebook or Twitter. Airlines that do indeed offer a live chat are, for instance, easyJet and Ryanair.