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About Me

My vision

My vision here at is to provide passengers with the best possible, most comprehensive and up-to-date information about hand luggage rules & regulations. The focus is on well-researched, visually useful and clearly presented information on hand luggage regulations and general rules to be observed when flying.

The information ranges from regulations for liquids in hand luggage to valuable tips and tricks that will make your life considerably easier during your air journey – especially with regard to what you can bring your Hand Luggage.

The passenger is king

Air travel is stressful and costs a lot of energy. The stress usually starts with packing. What can I put in my hand luggage? What is the maximum weight of a suitcase? Can I take my musical instrument on board? What items must I put in my checked baggage? And so on and so forth. As hand luggage expert, I want to help all passengers to make their journey as pleasant as possible.

I do this by providing my readers with all important information about air travel in a clear and understandable way and by bundling information about various airlines.

For example, I have compiled a list that presents you at a glance with the cabin baggage regulations for economy customers for all airlines worldwide. Who else provides a list like that? This is exactly what I am all about here at I am striving for excellence and perfection. For every topic that I touch, my ambition is to create and provide the best online resource on the whole world wide web.

According to this concept, I also offer you comprehensive information in other related areas, which will make it considerably easier for you to research hand luggage and air travel in general.

It is my aim that you can find all important information on my website without having to go through further pages: One website to rule them all.

Contact Me

For suggestions, feedback, praise or any other inquiry, please contact me here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!