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Jam & Jelly in Hand Luggage: Here are the RULES

Jam & Jelly in Hand Luggage


You would like to take Grandma’s jam & jelly with you on the plane, but you are not sure whether you are allowed to do so at all? Then you came to the right place. Because today we will deal with exactly this question: Is it allowed to take jam & jelly in your hand luggage on the plane?


Can I bring jam & jelly in my hand luggage?

Jam & Jelly are classified as liquids at the security checkpoint. Accordingly, you are only allowed to carry very small quantities of these products in your hand luggage. The following rules for liquids in hand luggage must be observed:

  • Jam/Jelly/Marmalade must be kept in containers each with a maximum capacity of 100 ml
  • These containers must be stowed in the bag for liquids
  • The capacity of the bag for liquids must not exceed one litre
  • The liquid bag must be transparent and resealable


This is what the different airlines have to say about it

The liquid rule, as described above, is one of these rules that applies equally throughout Europe. It makes absolutely no difference whether you are travelling with British Airways, Ryanair or Lufthansa, for example.

In other words, the rules as stated above must always be observed, regardless of which airline you fly with.

Even if you are flying to the US, the same rules for liquids apply.


Buy them in travel size

For jam & jelly lovers, the good news is: they are also available in travel sizes! On Amazon, for example: Jam & Jelly in mini jars

So you can either buy jam in mini jars up to 100f ml per jar and take it with you in your hand luggage or you can buy empty jars and fill them with your (homemade) jam & jelly (same restrictions to be observed). Such small round jars are of course also suitable for various other products such as honey, jellies & spices. Please don’t forget that you have to keep the jars in the plastic bag for liquids.

But wait for a second… what if I told you that there is a way for you to bring jam in conventional jars on board…read on!


Jam from the duty-free shop

If you’re not so enthusiastic about the idea of carrying jam in your hand luggage in an ultra-small 100 ml container or laboriously filling it into suitable containers, then you might like this idea here:

Buy the jam in the Duty-Free Store!

Ok, I cannot guarantee that your duty-free shop really has jam or jelly. But if they do, you can buy it there and take it with you in addition to your regular hand luggage.

So it is possible to bring jam & jelly in conventional containers in your hand luggage if you can find those products in the Duty-Free Store. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


Jam & Jelly on the plane in the USA

The same rules apply to jam & jelly in the USA as in Europe. As always, proof of this can be found on the website of the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA): Jam & Jelly in your luggage in the USA

In the USA, jam & jelly is therefore welcome in both hand and checked baggage. Just as in Europe.


Attention for spreads in general

Jam & jelly is just one of the delicacies that can be smeared on bread. Other spreads such as sausage spread, Nutella, honey, and cheese spread are also tempting.

All of these spreads may be carried in hand luggage within Europe, but the rule for liquids must also be observed for all these fine food products.

You can either fill these spreads into suitable containers of 100 ml each and put them in the bag for liquids or you can dispense with storing them in hand luggage. You can also buy certain spreads in travel size. Nutella, for instance.


Jam & Jelly in checked baggage

Within Europe, you may carry jam in checked baggage. Moreover, there are no liquid restrictions in checked baggage. You can therefore also take your jam with you on your journey in conventional jam containers.

Same goes for the US = jam & jelly are allowed in checked baggage.


Related Questions


What about marmalade in hand luggage? 

The exact same rules as for jam & jelly also apply to marmalade.


Is it allowed to carry bread in hand luggage?

You can easily take bread with you on the plane. There are no special rules to follow.


Can I carry a lighter in my hand luggage?

You may transport a lighter or a box of matches on your body. However, you may not transport the lighter or the box of matches in your checked baggage or hand luggage.

Not all lighters and all types of matches are allowed. Read more in our article: Lighters & Zippos in hand luggage: Surprising rules indeed


Can disinfectants be carried in hand luggage?

In the case of liquid disinfectant, the rule for liquids in hand luggage must be observed. Disinfectants in small quantities (up to 100 ml per container) may, therefore, generally be carried in hand luggage. However, you need to check the disinfectant bottle and see if there is a hazard symbol for flammable substances on it. If yes, your disinfectant is NOT allowed for transport in hand luggage. 


What is actually considered as a liquid at the airport? According to the Federal Police, liquids are all substances that are liquid, viscous, gel-like, creamy or of similar consistency at room temperature are considered liquids. The ordinance specifically speaks of “liquids, gels, and aerosols”.


Can I take food with me in my hand luggage? 

Generally, yes. As long as you are in the EU, most food is allowed. In the case of liquid foods, the rule for liquids must always be observed.

In addition, you must study the import regulations of the destination country carefully, especially when travelling to/from third countries.

In this context, it should be mentioned that the import of milk and meat products in hand luggage (and also in checked luggage!) is generally not permitted.


Are creams allowed in hand luggage?

Yes, but only in containers of no more than 100 ml each. As with all other liquids in hand luggage, transport must take place in a zipper bag for liquids