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Wet Wipes in Hand Luggage: Here’s What You Need To Know

Wet Wipes in Hand Luggage


Are wet wipes considered liquids at the security checkpoint? Sounds like a relatively simple question, but the Internet, more precisely a Google search, does, unfortunately, not really reveal the desired answers.

And so I felt obligated to solve the riddle for you.


Is it allowed to carry wet wipes in hand luggage?

Wet wipes such as refreshing wipes, make-up remover wipes, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning wipes may be transported in hand luggage. Such wipes do not count as liquids in hand luggage and are therefore not subject to the liquids rule. Consequently, they do not have to be transported in a plastic bag for liquids. 


Just to make sure…

On the website of London Luton Airport, you can find an official statement that Wet Wipes are allowed in Hand Luggage and do not count as liquids in hand luggage (implicit statement). 

Moreover, I explicitly asked the federal police (Germany) what applies to wet wipes in hand luggage. The answer was clear: Wet wipes are not considered liquids in hand luggage, so the rule for liquids in hand luggage does not have to be observed for wet wipes.

Moreover, I also inquired at London Heathrow Airport and they also confirmed that wet wipes are allowed in hand luggage and are not subject to the liquid rule.


Wet wipes in hand luggage in the USA

Wet wipes are also welcome in hand luggage in the USA: Wet Wipes TSA.  Here, too, you may store the wipes in your hand luggage outside the bag for liquids and they are not considered liquids. Same goes for the carriage in checked baggage: no problem at all.

I did personally contact the TSA to double-check and they confirmed that the carriage of wet wipes in carry-ons is ok. The TSA has a great Twitter channel called AskTSA.

If you should have any questions about forbidden/restricted items in hand luggage, you can easily get in touch with them through their AskTSA service. Highly recommended.

You can even send them some pictures of your carry-on items and they will let you know whether does items are supposed to cause trouble at the security checkpoint or not.


Where do you get wet wipes?



In the UK, you can buy wet wipes, such as baby wipes & facial cleansing wipes in the Boots pharmacy at the airport.



In Germany, you can buy wet wipes at the dm drugstore as well as at Rossmann and Edeka. In both shops, you can choose between different wet wipes (also for babies).

You can find Rossmann at various airports in Germany. For example, there is a branch at Frankfurt Airport.

At Munich airport MUC you will find an Edeka which sells wet wipes.

Of course, you can also buy wet wipes from the comfort of your own home, for example via Amazon. There you will find wet wipes in all possible sizes and variants.


Related Questions


Are baby wipes considered liquids?

No. Wet wipes are not considered liquids in general. No matter whether we are talking about wet wipes for adults or for children.


Do wet wipes have to go in the liquids bag? 

No. Wet wipes are not considered liquids and can, therefore, be stored anywhere in your hand luggage.


Is disinfectant allowed in hand luggage? 

Yes. As with all liquids, however, the EU Liquids Regulation for liquids in hand luggage must be observed. Moreover, only disinfectant that is NON-flammable is allowed in hand luggage. 


What about wet toilet paper in hand luggage? 

The same applies to wet toilet paper as to all other wet wipes: they are permitted in hand luggage and are generally not liquids in hand luggage. They can therefore also be transported in hand luggage outside the transparent bag.


Can you take wet wipes in your hand luggage on an easyJet flight? 

Yes. In fact, it does not matter whether you are flying with easyJet, British Airways or any other airline. Wet wipes are always allowed in hand luggage (in Europe and also in the US).


Can I carry an electric toothbrush in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can. No problem. An electric toothbrush never causes any problems at the security checkpoint and is not considered by security personnel to be a weapon or any other dangerous object.

The battery of such electric toothbrushes is also no problem in hand luggage.


Is toothpaste considered a liquid? Yes. Toothpaste is subject to the liquids rule in hand luggage (max. 100 ml per container, must be placed in a transparent and resealable bag for liquids).