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Eyelash Curler in Hand Luggage

Eyelash Curler in Hand Luggage

Eyelash Curler in Hand Luggage


Can I take an eyelash curler with me in my hand luggage?

Yes, you are allowed to carry an eyelash curler in your hand luggage. As a rule, an eyelash curler is not considered a dangerous object at the security checkpoint and can, therefore, be taken into the cabin without any problems.


Does the eyelash curler have to be in the transparent bag?

The eyelash curler can be stowed somewhere in hand luggage and does not have to be in the bag. Only liquids (including gels and aerosols) must be in this transparent bag.

If you have liquid cosmetics (such as liquid lipsticks, concealers, nail polish, foundation, and eyeliners) with you, please do not forget to put them in this bag of liquids.


Can the eyelash curler also be carried in hand luggage in the US?

Also in the USA green light for eyelash curlers in hand luggage. No need to worry. Your eyelash tongs are also safe and in good hands in checked baggage in the US.


Eyelash curlers in checked baggage

Eyelash curlers may of course also travel in checked baggage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In general, it is the case that the transport of small devices and of devices, which could possibly be regarded as a weapon at the security checkpoint, are better carried in checked baggage.

So if you are not quite sure whether an item should be carried in hand luggage or checked baggage, you should almost always opt for checked baggage in case of doubt. Or even better: first check with us here at

If you are in the US, you can very easily reach out to the TSA, the American Transportation Security Administration to get an idea about what may and what may not be carried in (hand) luggage. Simply drop them a message on Twitter @AskTSA

By the way: There are also a few items that have to be carried in your hand luggage. These include, for example, spare batteries. Powerbanks also belong to this category and must, therefore, be carried in cabin baggage.




Related questions


Can I take eye shadow with me in my hand luggage?

You can definitely bring eye shadow in your hand luggage. If it is powder eye shadow, then there is nothing else to consider for transport in hand luggage. If the eye shadow is in liquid form, it must be transported in hand luggage in a transparent zip-top bag (bag of liquids).


May I take make-up remover wipes with me in my hand luggage?

The answer is a clear yes. Make-up wipes are also not considered liquid in hand luggage. You can therefore also transport the make-up wipes in your hand luggage outside the bag of liquids.