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Eye Drops in Hand Luggage

Eye Drops in Hand Luggage


Can I take eye drops in my hand luggage?

Eye drops are allowed in hand luggage. However, the rules for liquids in hand luggage must also be observed here. A maximum of 100 ml is permitted per container (more if accompanied by a medical certificate) and transport must take place in the bag of liquids.


Eye drops: A liquid like any other?

Commission Regulation (EU) No 185/2010, which regulates the amount of liquid that may be carried in hand luggage, also applies to eye drops.

However, this does not really pose a problem, because the capacity of eye drops containers is almost always less than the 100 ml permitted per container, which means that they can be easily transported in hand luggage.

The 100 ml rule must always be followed for all liquids. Liquids also include liquid foods such as jam or Nutella.

However, there are two exceptions: Baby food and liquid medicine. These products may also be brought along in larger quantities, i.e. also in containers with more than 100 ml of liquid, but only if you have a medical certificate.

The question is now, of course, whether this exception also applies to eye drops or not…

…and the answer is YES. If you actually have eye drops that come in a container larger than 100 ml, you can still carry them in your hand luggage in accordance with the exception rule for liquid medicine in hand luggage, but only if you have a medical certificate confirming that you are dependent on these eye drops during your journey.

But let’s be honest here: Who has eye drops in containers larger than just 10 or 20 ml? Well, not that many people I guess…


Eye drops in hand luggage in the US 

What applies to eye drops in Europe and within the EU also applies to the US. In plain language this means:

Eye drops with a capacity of less than 100 ml per container are not an issue in hand luggage as long as they are stowed in the bag of liquids.

If you actually have eye drops in containers larger than 100 ml, you may need to present a medical certificate at the security checkpoint.

As always, you can find the rules for hand luggage in the USA at the American Transportation Security Agency (TSA). Here is the direct link to the subject of eye drops in hand luggage: Eye drops


How much ml does an eye drop bottle (ampoule) hold?

Eye drops are available in different containers. But the capacity of these containers is actually almost always considerably less than 100 ml. Eye drops in ampoules often only have a capacity of 0.5 ml per ampoule.

Eye drops in bottles usually come in containers with only 10 ml. So there is no reason to worry here either.

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