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Protein Powder in Your Hand Luggage

Protein Powder in Your Hand Luggage


Is protein powder allowed in hand luggage?

Protein powder is allowed in hand luggage within the EU. There is no quantity restriction here.

However, if you are travelling to the US, the powder rule must be observed. This rule essentially states that powders larger than 350 ml should be transported in checked baggage.


How much protein powder can I take with me?

In the EU, there is no limit for protein powder in hand luggage. In principle, you are allowed to bring as much powder as you like in your hand luggage. Of course, you must comply with the regulations regarding the dimensions and weight of hand luggage as defined by the relevant airline. However, there are no other restrictions.

In the US, more specifically when travelling to the US, you should only bring protein powder in containers that do not exceed 350 ml. Larger containers are not forbidden in hand luggage, but they are guaranteed to be inspected more closely during security checks (see powder rule). And if the staff can’t determine exactly what powder it is, you may have to leave the powder at the security check.

In addition, the extended control of all powders over 350 ml (only for trips to the USA) at the security check will, of course, lead to delays and if security personnel cannot determine with certainty what powder substances they are dealing with, you must leave the powder at the security checkpoint.


Can I take packaged protein powder with me in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can also take packed protein powder with you in your hand luggage. In general, protein in hand luggage is not a problem. With (packaged) protein powder, there could at best be demands.

However, it is definitely best to bring your protein in the (still sealed) original packaging. But as we have just seen, you can also bring packed protein (e.g. in a resealable zip bag, similar to the one for liquids) with you in your hand luggage.


Is protein powder in hand luggage considered a liquid?

No. Powders of any kind are not considered liquids at security. Therefore, the EU regulation for liquids in hand luggage, which restricts the containers in which liquids are transported to 100 ml per container, does not apply.


Protein powder in checked baggage

You can absolutely bring protein powder in your checked baggage. If you are travelling with both hand and checked baggage, we advise you to store the powder better in your checked baggage.

As we have seen in this article, protein powder is also allowed in carry-on baggage, but in rare cases, there may be problems with security checks. Ultimately, it is always up to the staff to decide which items are allowed to pass through and which are not.

Transport in checked baggage is therefore simply more relaxed and involves less risk.

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Related Questions


Can protein powder be carried in hand luggage on Ryanair flights?

Answer: Yes. The EU rules for protein powder in hand luggage do not restrict the transport of protein powder in the cabin. You are, therefore, allowed to carry protein powder in your hand luggage on all flights within the EU. It does not matter whether you are travelling with British Airways, easyJet or Ryanair.


Can I take protein powder in my hand luggage to Switzerland?

Answer: Switzerland is not in the EU. However, Switzerland is often subject to the same rules as the EU when it comes to hand luggage rules (especially when it comes to the simple question of which items are permitted and which are prohibited). Consequently, you can also take protein powder with you in your hand luggage if you are travelling from an EU country to Switzerland or if you are travelling from Switzerland to an EU country.


Can you take meal replacement shakes on a plane?

The amount of liquid you are allowed to bring through the security check is very limited. You can only bring drinks and liquids in containers of up to 100 ml capacity. These containers must also be stowed in the bag of liquids. However, powders such as protein powder are also permitted in larger quantities in hand luggage. So what you can do is simply bring supplements in powder form and an empty bottle through the security check. After the security check, you buy water and prepare your shake. If you are in a country that has drinkable tap water, you can simply use the water from the toilet.


Can you bring protein powder on US domestic flights?

Yes, you can. It is best to bring the protein in its original container. If you don’t bring it in the original container (let’s say you bring it in a transparent Ziploc bag), it will still be fine but it is likely to cause delays at the security check because the TSA agents might want to have a closer look at it (sampling for testing).


Aren’t dairy products such as protein powder forbidden in luggage?

Protein powder is a processed milk product and is therefore not a problem in your luggage. However, the import of fresh dairy products into the EU or the USA is actually prohibited (e.g. fresh milk or cheese).  Within the EU, however, you can also take fresh dairy products with you. If you are carrying liquid dairy products within the EU, you must follow the rules for liquids in hand luggage (only 100 ml per container, all liquids must be stored in the bag of liquids, etc.).