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SOAP in Hand Luggage: Rules & Tips

SOAP in Hand Luggage: Rules & Tips

Soap in Hand Luggage



Can I take soap in my hand luggage?

Solid soap may be carried in hand luggage. The rule for liquids in hand luggage is not relevant for solid soap.

For liquid soap in hand luggage, however, the EU Liquids Regulation must be observed.

Accordingly, liquid soap may only be transported in hand luggage in containers of a maximum of 100 ml each. You must also transport these containers in the so-called bag of liquids.

This plastic bag may have a maximum volume of one litre and must also be transparent and resealable. Only one such bag per person is permitted.


How much soap can you take in your hand luggage?

If it is soap in solid form, then there is no special limit for the amount of soap that you can bring onboard.

If you bring liquid soap, then you could only bring soap in containers that do no exceed 100 ml each, up to a total volume of 1 litre.

Please do not forget that in this case, the soap needs to be stored in the bag of liquids, just like all other liquids that you may carry in hand luggage.


Can bar soap go in your carry-on?

Yeah, definitely. In contrast to the liquid side, bar soap is not considered a liquid in hand luggage and can, therefore, be transported in any quantity.


Soap in hand luggage in the USA

Solid soap may also be carried in hand luggage in the USA. There are no special restrictions for solid soap.

Liquid soap is also allowed in hand luggage, but only under the Liquids Rule. The Liquids Rule in the USA is identical to the regulations in Europe. It also applies here:

  • Liquid soap in containers with a maximum of 100 ml
  • Container with soap must be placed in bag of liquids
  • Transparent bags may have a maximum capacity of one litre.
  • The bag must be transparent and resealable
  • Only one such bag per passenger


Soap in checked baggage

Soap is also welcome in checked luggage. Here you may carry as much soap as you like, as there is no liquid limit in checked baggage. The size of the individual containers is also irrelevant.

This applies to both the EU and the USA, for both liquid and solid soap.


Related Questions


Can you bring shoes in carry-on luggage?

That is absolutely fine. There is no rule whatsoever that would keep you from carrying shoes in your hand luggage.


Can I carry nail polish in my hand luggage?

Yes, nail polish may be transported in hand luggage. However, you must also comply with the regulations for liquids in hand luggage. The maximum capacity of the nail polish container is 100 ml.

As a rule, however, this is not a problem as standard nail polish usually comes in very small containers (10 to 15 ml).

Please do not forget: The nail polish containers must be placed in the plastic bag for liquids. Outside of this bag, the nail polish must not be carried in hand luggage.


What about make-up wipes in hand luggage?

Make-up wipes are not subject to the EU Liquids Regulation and may be carried in hand luggage. The wipes do not have to be stowed in the bag of liquids.


How much ml can I take on an aircraft?

In principle 1000 ml. However, only a maximum of 100 ml per container. And all these containers must be placed in a zip-top bag for liquids, which must not exceed a maximum capacity of one litre. Only one such bag of liquids is allowed per person.


How heavy may my suitcase be?

There is no Europe-wide, let alone universal maximum weight for suitcases. It is rather the case that each airline itself defines a maximum weight for checked baggage and hand baggage.

As a rule, a suitcase (checked baggage) may weigh between 20 and 23 kilograms. For hand luggage, the maximum weight for most airlines is between 5 and 10 kilograms.

However, there are also airlines that have not defined a maximum weight for hand luggage. This is the case with easyJet, for example.