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Bringing a Dab Pen on a Plane — Rules & Tips

Bringing a Dab Pen on a Plane — Rules & Tips

traveling with your dab pen can be a little tricky. You might be wondering if you are allowed to bring it on the plane or not. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to pack your dab pen and what to consider before doing so. We will also talk about how to stay safe while traveling on an airplane with your vape device.


Can You Bring A Dab Pen On A Plane?

You can bring a battery-powered dab pen on a plane as long as it is in your carry-on luggage. You cannot bring electronic smoking devices and leave them in your checked luggage. This is to prevent possible fires happening under the plane and causing a larger accident.


What Are The Rules For Flying With A Dab Pen?

The TSA, who is in charge of airline security, has said you can only bring a battery-powered device in a carry-on bag.

It is also the responsibility of the passenger to make sure the battery-powered device is turned off so that it doesn’t accidentally heat up while in storage.

The device cannot go above the 100 Wh rating which determines the wattage.

Even though these are the only rules you need to follow for a batter-powered device you still cannot bring any federally illegal substances on the plane.

If there are substances on the actual pen itself, you are not allowed to bring it through TSA security.

This includes all THC concentrates, even if it is for medicinal purposes.

If you do have any concentrates with you it’s always best to stick them in your bathroom material with the rest of your liquids.

Just remember that any illegal looking substances may be subject to random checks while going through security.

Always make sure to check the “What Can I bring” list from the TSA whenever you are unsure whether a certain item can or cannot be brought with you on your flight.


How to Pack A Dab Pen

Because the dab pen is only allowed on your carry-on you don’t have to worry about it getting shuffled around in your checked luggage.

Before you do pack it away, make sure the cartridge is removed from the pen itself. You don’t want the cartridge to break while in transit and you won’t have any concentrate with you.

You will also want to make sure that the dab pen is turned off and stored in a safe place. The best way to do this is by packing it in a padded case or box. This will help to protect it from being crushed or damaged during your travels.

You might also want to consider bringing an extra battery for your dab pen just in case the one you are using dies while you are in transit.

Go ahead and grab your pen charger and keep it nearby as well. You don’t want the two getting separated and losing one or the other. It’s much easier to just know everything is in one place than keep it separate.

Remove any labels or packaging that could immediately set off alarms for security. You don’t want to cause any unnecessary attention to yourself.


How to Prepare For Dab Pen Conversations

You might not always make it through airport security without getting checked and stopped for your dab pen.

If you do there are some key points you can make to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The first thing you want to do is remain calm and remember the laws and regulations you are following. It helps to be prepared and know your legal boundaries ahead of time.

If you are stopped, the security will ask you some questions about your device. Be prepared to answer these questions in a concise and clear manner.

You also want to make sure the device is charged ahead of time. Some security officials will ask you to start your device and prove what it is before letting you go.

This won’t usually happen to low-profile pens but the more modern and high-tech devices can draw some flags.

Be respectful and remember that the security officials are just doing their job. If you are stopped, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in trouble.


Can You Fly Internationally With Your Dab Pen?

The rules for flying with your dab pen are the exact same internationally as they would be for domestic.

As long as the battery-powered charger is in your carry-on luggage then there should be no issue.

It is important however to check on the regulations of the country you are about to enter.

Some countries will have more restrictions put in place for certain devices and have a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal substances.

Pushing the laws in these countries could come with extreme consequences you may not be fully prepared for.

Always do your research and check before flying internationally on whether or not it would be a good idea to fly with a dab pen.

You could easily avoid a nightmare situation where foreign authorities take you into custody and you’re having to figure our foreign laws in a place where you don’t even speak the language.


Frequently asked questions on traveling with a dab pen on a plane


Can K9s smell Dab Pens?

K9s are able to smell dab pens if they have been used recently. The scent of the concentrate can linger on clothing and skin for some time. However, if the pen has not been used recently, it may be more difficult for a K9 to detect.


Can I put my dab pen in my checked luggage?

You may not bring your dab pen in your checked luggage. All battery-powered devices must be carried in your carry-on bag.


Can a metal detector catch a dab pen?

Almost all modern dab pens will be detectable by a metal sector due to the materials being used in the devices.


Bringing A Dab Pen On A Plane

As long as your dab pen doesn’t have any concentrate on it and the cartridge is removed, you should be able to bring it on the plane with you. Be sure to pack it in your carry-on bag and keep it charged in case you are stopped by security. With a little preparation, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free trip through airport security with your dab pen.