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Face Masks in Hand Luggage: Facing problems?

Face Masks in Hand Luggage: Facing problems?

Face Masks in Hand Luggage


Facing the truth: Are face masks allowed in your hand luggage?

In the EU and in Europe in general: Yes. They are allowed. Moreover, they do not count as liquids at the security checkpoint and therefore you do not necessarily need to store them in the bag of liquids.

You can simply put them in your regular hand luggage (trolley or backpack) or in your personal item (handbag). 

In the US: Yes. They are allowed in hand luggage as well. And in the US, as well, facial masks are not subject to the liquids rule. Therefore, you can place them wherever you want within your hand luggage.


Does it matter how many masks you will bring?

Well, that is not an easy question to answer. Generally, there are no quantity restrictions for sheet masks (or any other kind of wet wipes) in hand luggage.

As long as you don’t bring a huge quantity of such masks, you should be fine. The rule merely states that these must be masks for personal use.

If you would like to bring an enormous number of such masks with you, this could possibly lead to problems at the security checkpoint, i.e. to suspicious looks and a possible questioning.


How much liquid do Facial Masks contain?

Well, it really depends. Some of them are super soaky, while others are almost dry. But it doesn’t really matter, even the soaky ones will not count towards your “liquids allowance” in hand luggage.

In comparison with other kinds of wipes, such as wet wipes, facial wipes or medical wipes, skincare wipes actually contain quite a lot of liquid. However, they altogether are allowed in hand luggage and do not count as liquids at the security checkpoint. Just to make that clear…again.


Facial Masks in checked baggage

Feel free to store your facial masks either in hand luggage or in checked luggage. It doesn’t really matter.

Generally, it makes more sense to stow liquids in checked luggage rather than in your carry-on, however, as we have seen earlier in this post, facial masks don’t even count as liquids in the first place. So please, don’t worry.


May you rock a sheet mask on the plane?

If you are brave enough to do so, yea, then go for it. It is allowed to use sheet masks on the plane. And it is supposed to be a pretty damn good way to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated while travelling by plane.


What are the most flight-friendly masks to rock?

Well, who am I to tell…All I can say is that I did some research and asked a few female friends about it. Here are a few suggestions to consider:


Vegan Sheet Mask

Let us start with a cheap one that everybody can afford: Sheet Mask from Procoal. This VEGAN sheet mask is good for refreshing & hydrating dry, rough and dull skin.

Moreover, Procoal claims that this mask is better than most Korean face masks. So, if you know how good Korean face masks are (well I don’t), you might give this one a go here and see for yourself whether this claim is valid or not. Reviews of the mask are pretty decent, that’s for sure.


Koreak Sheet Mask

Well, here you go. This one here is a Korean mask. Koreans seem to know what’s up when it comes to facial masks. Feel free to give it a try: Seoulista Beauty: Super Hydration Instant Facial


If money is not an issue

If you don’t face financial problems, you might want to get one of those Hollywood kinds of facial masks from Verso Skincare


Are Facial Masks even a thing?

Well, if you are guy (like me), then probably not that much. But if you are a girl, then well….maybe. I am currently living in China and there, it seems to be super normal for girls to use these kinds of masks….everywhere, basically.

In the subway, in a restaurant or sometimes even at the airport before take-off. So it really depends.

So now please, if you are game enough, take out your sheet mask and march through airport security!



Related Questions

Can you bring lush face masks on the plane?

Yes. All kinds of facial masks are not considered liquids at the security checkpoint. So even very lush facial masks are allowed in hand luggage and you won’t even need to store them in the bag of liquids.


What about wet wipes, do they count as liquids on the plane?

Just as with facial sheet masks, wet wipes do not count as liquids at the security checkpoint. You can, therefore, bring them in your hand luggage without having to put them in the bag of liquids.


Is deodorant considered a liquid when flying?

Absolutely. Because liquids also include all types of creams and aerosols. Deodorants are so-called aerosols and therefore the liquid rule for liquids in hand luggage must be observed.