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Deodorant in Carry-On Baggage: Allowed?


Deodorant in Carry-On Baggage


Deodorant is one of these items that you would like to stow in your carry-on bag when travelling by air, because often air travel is associated with a lot of stress, long days and little opportunity for personal hygiene, and deodorant in your hand luggage can work wonders.

But is the practical little helper against sweat attacks in hand luggage allowed at all? As always, first the most important information about the topic in brief:




Is deodorant allowed in carry-on baggage?

In principle, deodorant may be transported in carry-on baggage, because the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in its regulations for dangerous goods carried by passengers and crew members points out in Table 2.3.A that non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles and non-flammable*, non-toxic aerosols may be transported in hand luggage as well as in checked luggage.

However, it is imperative that you observe the regulations for liquids and aerosols in hand luggage. These stipulate that liquids in hand luggage may only be carried in containers of a maximum of 100 ml each.

These containers must also be transported in a transparent, resealable zip-top bag. The maximum volume of this bag must not exceed one litre.

It is also important to note that the maximum possible filling quantity is always relevant and that the current filling level is NOT decisive. This applies to all liquids, of course not only to deodorants.

So if your deodorant comes in a 250 ml container it may NOT be carried in carry-on baggage, even if the container is almost empty already.

Moreover, it needs to be said that those regulations defined by the IATA are not necessarily binding. While many airlines do stick to these rules, some Airlines may have not (yet) implemented these rules.

What is more, Airlines have the power to establish stricter rules if necessary.

If it doesn’t matter to you whether you transport your deodorant in hand luggage or checked luggage, then it’s better to pack the deodorant in checked luggage to avoid unnecessary stress and problems.

You can also carry deodorant in checked baggage in a container larger than 100 ml.

Flammable Deodorant

*Please have a look at your deodorant and check if it is classified as (highly) flammable or not. See the hazard symbol in the picture? If your deodorant has one of these, it will most likely get confiscated at the security checkpoint.


Alternatives to the classic deodorant spray?

Deo Stick is preferable in carry-on baggage

The Roll-on Deo is a very good alternative to the classic deodorant. The advantage is that Roll-on Deo is not classified as a liquid during the security check and therefore the Liquid Rule does not have to be respected.


If you want to transport deodorant in your carry-on baggage during air travel, it is a good idea to deviate from the classic deodorant spray and pack a deodorant stick or a Roll-on deodorant in your hand luggage instead, because these have a better chance to make it through the security check

With these products, you, therefore, run less risk that they will be taken away from you by security personnel, as deodorant sticks and Roll-ons are not aerosols (sprays) and are therefore generally classified as harmless (less dangerous) by staff and may be taken along.

Your favourite choice should be Deo Sticks because unlike Roll-on deodorants they are generally not regarded as liquids (if you bring a Roll-on deodorant you need to respect the liquid rule)


The liquid rule for deodorants

The liquid rule, which includes aerosols, gels and liquids, is always the same. No matter if it is a deodorant, hairspray or even Nutella. So in order to carry your deodorant in carry-on baggage, the following rules need to be respected:

  • Your deodorant must be placed in a liquid bag
  • The liquid bag must be completely sealable
  • The liquid bag must be transparent
  • The size of the liquid bag should not exceed 20 x 20 cm.
  • Bags with deodorant and other liquids must be shown separately at the security checkpoint.
  • Maximum of 100 ml allowed per container
  • Max. filling quantity of deodorant is decisive. The filling quantity of the deodorant is decisive, not the current filling level.
  • The maximum capacity of the bag = max. 1 litre (–> fill with e.g. 10 x 100 ml container)

Further, more comprehensive information on the liquid rule can be found here.


Deo in hand luggage on US travels

When it comes to the USA, many passengers (rightly so) ring the alarm bells about the permitted hand luggage and checked baggage. What may the gentlemen from the Transport Security Authority (TSA) not like to see in their luggage?

It is generally known that particularly strict security checks are carried out in America, and therefore it is certainly justified to give some more thought to critical items in hand luggage and checked baggage when travelling to/from the USA.

To cut a long story short, what about deodorant in carry-on baggage in the USA? The rule looks very similar to us in Europe because the TSA says that deodorant is allowed in hand luggage, but also subject to the 100 ml rule.

By the way, the 100 ml liquid rule is called the 3-1-1 Liquid rule. Sometimes the rule is also called 3-1-1 liquid rule.

The 3 stands for 3.4 oz (100 ml), the first 1 for the liquid bag (1 quart-sized bag) and the second 1 for “one bag per passenger”.

In checked baggage, deodorant is also permitted in the US, and here, too, the rule is similar to ours (EU rule), because in America, too, more than 100 ml of liquid (e.g. deodorant) may be transported in checked baggage.

The question of how much deodorant you can carry in your checked baggage is not so easy to answer.

On the official blog of the TSA it says in connection with such liquids in checked luggage:

“Deodorant regularly appears in our Top 10 list of keywords that people use to find our blog. Why not? Many people use deodorant and deodorant is absolutely necessary when travelling. Anyone who has ever been in a stuffy, hot plane knows that a good dose of deodorant would certainly not do any harm to certain people”.TSA

So the TSA proves, at least on its blog, a good portion of humour.

The TSA also says that deodorant sticks can be carried in carry-on baggage without having to be transported in plastic bags for liquids.

For sprays, gels, liquids, creams, pastes and roll-on deodorants, however, the rule also applies that these must be placed in a transparent liquid bag and that the maximum filling quantity per container is 100 ml (as is the case here in the EU).

As an alternative to transport, the TSA also suggests transport in checked baggage.

How much deodorant may be transported in checked baggage is not specifically mentioned, but it is to be assumed that this is similar to our rule in the EU and that means that at least one or two regular-size deodorants may be carried in checked luggage without any problem. 


Where to get the bag for your deodorant and other liquids?

You can find these liquid bags for your deodorant (if in travel size!) and other liquids either in a supermarket, get them at the airport or order them on the Internet on Amazon. In some cases, the bags are even provided for free at the security control at the airport. Moreover, at many airports, you will find vending machines that are selling those bags for a Euro or so.