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Shoes in Hand Luggage: Here are the Rules

Shoes in Hand Luggage


Is it okay to carry shoes in your hand luggage?

You are allowed to carry shoes in your hand luggage. All you have to do is make sure that you do not exceed the maximum dimensions and maximum weight for hand luggage as set by the airline.


Shoes in hand luggage at British Airways, Ryanair and Co.

Does it matter whether you are carrying shoes with British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair or another airline? Not really. Because the airlines themselves do not decide what may or may not be carried in hand luggage.

In the UK, the Department for Transport is responsible for security screenings and security in general at UK airports.

In the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for the security checks at US airports.

In Germany, for instance, it is the Federal Police that decides what may and may not be carried in hand luggage.

So the security checks are not carried out directly by the airlines. A small but subtle difference. So it is understandable that the security staff does not really care which airline you are travelling with, but uses a national (or even international) standard to decide which objects are allowed to pass and which are not.

In this sense, there is no final list of objects you are allowed to bring with you.

In this context, however, it should be mentioned that the airlines can define further prohibitions and restrictions in addition to the basic provisions.

In the case of shoes, however, this is not the case. In other words, the airlines have no problem if you take a few extra shoes with you in your hand luggage.


High heels in hand luggage?

Shoes with heels may also be carried in cabin baggage. This question might sound a little bit funny, but the answer to the question of whether shoes with heels may or may not be carried in hand luggage is actually not that obvious at all.

Why not?

Because everything that is even a little dangerous is forbidden in hand luggage. But what does a little dangerous mean?

Basically, all objects that can be used as (potential) weapons are not allowed in hand luggage.

So you could also argue that stilettos are a security risk because you could hit someone with them or injure them in any other way.

However, such shoes are generally not regarded as a risk by security staff.

In exceptional cases, however, it could happen that such shoes are taken from you at the security checkpoint.


Ice skates in carry-on baggage?

At this point, you have probably already thought that there are no exceptions for once and that all shoes are allowed in your hand luggage. Unfortunately, you were happy too soon. Ice skates are not allowed in hand luggage.

But that is also understandable somehow. Because the blades of such ice skates or ice hockey skates are really sharp and could definitely cause disaster.

Therefore, please place such shoes in your checked baggage or check them in as part of your sports baggage.


Be sure to observe the cabin baggage rules

As already mentioned, shoes are not an issue in hand luggage. Please make sure, however, that you comply with the hand luggage regulations of the respective airline.

But please, don’t worry. I have put together an epic list of hand luggage regulations for all well-known airlines worldwide. It only took me a week or two to collect all this data. You are welcome.

Size and weight as stated in this list must be adhered to.

In addition, it is imperative that the shoes do not protrude from the hand luggage. This is forbidden.