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Flybe Hand Luggage Allowance at a Glance | 2020


Flybe Hand Luggage Allowance

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Flybe is a British airline based in Exeter, England. It is the largest independent regional airline in Europa and strives to boost regional connectivity across the UK and Europe.

Let us now have a closer look at Flybe’s Hand Luggage Allowance.

As always, I aim to give you the most comprehensive information about the topic. No shortcuts, no questions left unanswered.


Flybe offers three fares (ticket Types): “Just Fly”, “Get More” and “All in”. However, the allowance for Hand Luggage always stays the same. Here are the details:


Hand Luggage Allowance (all tariffs/ticket types)

  • A large piece of hand luggage with the maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20 cm, including wheels and handles
  • A personal item such as a handbag or a laptop bag. You will need to stow this item under the seat in front of you. This item must be smaller than the large piece of hand luggage. However, Flybe does not explicitly state the max. size of the personal item
  • The combined weight of both the large piece of hand luggage and your personal item must not exceed 10 kg


Important info: The carry-on baggage policy as described above is the same for flights operated by the following airlines: Blue Islands, Eastern Airways and Stobart Air. However, in some cases, carry-on baggage at Stobart Air will need to be checked into the hold (due to space limitations).


Flybe: Passengers travelling with infants | Hand Luggage Allowance

You might wonder if you are allowed to carry additional hand luggage pieces if you are travelling with an infant (0-2 years). Some airlines do allow passengers to bring an additional bag (for baby foods, liquids and such). Unfortunately,  this is not the case with Flybe.

Infants (0-2) are not entitled to carry-on baggage.

Children aged 2 and over have the same right to carry-on baggage as adults.

There are, however, some additional items that you can bring free of charge (checked into the hold) when travelling with infants, such as a pushchair or a pram + a car seat. You can find more information about this on Flybe’s website: Flybe Exceptional Baggage


Flybe: Liquids in hand luggage

As usual, liquids in hand luggage are subject to the liquids rule. You can find more about this rule here at Flybe: Liquids in Hand Luggage

The restrictions for liquids are equally enforced for liquids, gels, pastes, sprays and aerosols. If you wish to bring larger quantities of liquids (container with more than 100 ml), you will need to stow those items in your checked baggage.

In checked baggage, you can carry any amount of liquids. However, there is one exception for aerosols (like hairspray and perfumes). You can find more information about this in the Dangerous Goods Regulations as defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

This document gives you a nice overview of which items are generally permitted/forbidden in both hand luggage and checked luggage. However, not every airline sticks exactly to those rules as defined by the IATA because not every airline is a member of the IATA. Flybe is indeed a member, though.


Flybe: Musical Instruments

The British airline Flybe does carry musical instruments both in the cabin and in the hold. If you can bring a musical instrument in the cabin depends primarily on the size of the instrument.

As long as the musical instruments meet the cabin bag requirements (55 x 35 x 20 cm, max. 10 kg combined with the personal item), you can bring the musical instrument on board.


Flybe and the carriage of Violins

Flybe has a special rule for the carriage of violins. Violins may be permitted in the cabin as long as the instrument (including the case) is not bigger than 30 x 30 x 100 cm. 

If you do indeed carry a violin with you on board aeroplane, then your violin will be classed as your one piece of carry-on baggage.


Flybe and Cellos

As it is the case with many airlines, Cellos might be carried in the cabin if you purchase an additional seat for your instrument. The fee that you will need to pay for this seat will be about as much as for a regular seat.

So this is going to be expensive! (this is the case with all the airlines that offer this kind of service).

Moreover, you will need to book this service through the contact centre of Flybe (0371 700 2000 or +44 (0)207 308 0812 from outside the UK). You could also reach out to Flybe on Social Media to book your Cello Seat (Flybe on Twitter)


Flybe and Guitars

Guitars are not allowed in the cabin of the aircraft and will need to be carried in the hold. As long as you stay within your baggage allowance, there will be no additional cost for the carriage of your guitar.


All other instruments

All the instruments that are too big for the cabin will be checked into the hold. Instruments that likely fall into that category are:

  • Harps
  • Drums
  • Double Basses

If you are about to bring one of those instruments, you would need to get in contact with Flybe first to make sure that there is space in the aeroplane for them. The space for these kinds of instruments is restricted.

Please also have a look at our article: “9 Great Tips for Carrying Musical Instruments on Airplanes” to get further practical and useful tips about the topic.


Flybe: Pets in Cabin

Flybe does not carry pets in the cabin. The only exception to this rule are assistance dogs

You may travel with your assistance dog on all domestic routes. 

On international routes, assistance dogs are allowed, if the flight leaves from one of these airports:

  • Birmingham
  • Exeter
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Please keep in mind that your assistance dog must be a recognised assistance dog.

Flybe does carry the following pets in the hold of the airplane:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • ferrets

You can find more information about that here: Flybe – Travel with Pets


Does Flybe check the weight and size of hand luggage?

Not necessarily. As with most airlines, the weight and the size of the hand luggage is only checked occasionally. Flybe explicitly says on their website: “Your cabin bag may be subject to random compliance checks at the airport”.

In most of the cases, it is the size that matters. The weight is often not a problem because it is simply less obvious.

At the airport, you will find Baggage Sizers provided by Flybe. Those baggage sizers will only check the size of your hand luggage. If it fits in there, there is a good chance that you are fine even if the hand luggage might be a little bit on the heavy side.

If you are interested in this topic in general, you might want to read my article: “Do Airlines actually even WEIGH Hand Luggage?” to get some more insights on this matter.


Flybe: Excess Baggage Charges for Hand Luggage

Flybe has very clear info about excess baggage charges that apply to hand luggage. That is great because most airlines don’t make that info transparent at all and it is challenging to find the respective info on their websites.

Most of the time I need to contact the airlines a couple of times to figure out what excess baggage charges apply to hand luggage that is either too heavy or too big.

So what happens if your hand luggage is either too heavy or too big when flying with Flybe?

Then, you will not be able to take your hand luggage with you into the cabin.

So if your hand luggage is subject to a random compliance check, this is what happens:

  • At Check-in: Your hand luggage will need to be carried in the hold, and standard airport hold baggage charges will apply
  • At the Gate: If your bag is oversized, it will need to be carried in the hold, and a £50 charge will be levied. If your carry-on baggage exceeds the permitted weight, it will also need to be carried in the hold.

Where allowances are exceeded, there will be additional excess baggage charges. You can find more info about these charges and procedures here: Flybe Hand Luggage


How to easily get in contact with Flybe

How to best get in contact with Flybe

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You can easily get in contact with Flybe through various social media channels. I recommend you to use Twitter to reach out to Flybe. This is not only true for Flybe but also many other airlines like SWISS, Lufthansa and Air Europa. 

So if you are about to reach out to Flybe, these are your best bets

Moreover, Flybe is also on Instagram. However, Instagram is not the place where you would like to contact Flybe. Please use Twitter or Facebook for that. Of course, you can just call Flybe.


Still have some questions about Flybe or any other airline?

Then you might want to head over to our hand luggage forum. Feel free to ask your question there. You can ask questions about all hand luggage related matters.

It doesn’t matter if it is about Flybe or maybe easyJet hand luggage allowance, fruits in hand luggage or any other hand luggage related issue that you might have.