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Vueling Hand Luggage Allowance

Vueling Hand Luggage Allowance

How much hand luggage is allowed at Vueling?


How Much Hand Luggage is allowed at Vueling?

All fares (Basic, Optima, Family & Timeflex): Vueling allows a large piece of hand luggage with the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm (max. 10 kg) and a personal item with the maximum dimensions of 35 x 20 x 20 cm. The personal item can be a handbag or laptop bag, for example.


Vueling: Hand luggage allowance for babies & infants

For Vueling (and virtually all other airlines), a baby is a child aged 0-2 (although the minimum age may vary from airline to airline).

Babies (0-2 years) are not entitled to their own hand luggage at Vueling.

For all passengers over two years old (2+), the same hand luggage allowance applies as for adults, i.e. a large piece of hand luggage and a personal item.

What explains the fact that babies (0-2 years) at Vueling (and many other airlines!) are not entitled to hand luggage?

Well, Vueling’s argumentation would be something like this: Only those who have a seat of their own are allowed to bring their own hand luggage and since babies aged 0-2 years are usually carried on the accompanying person’s lap, they are therefore not entitled to their own hand luggage.

However, with some airlines, it is also possible to book a seat for babies aged 0-2 years (however, in this case, you would need to bring a child restraint system). Please note, that in this case, babies are usually entitled to their own hand luggage (as they have their own seat and ticket). This is probably also the case with Vueling. In case of emergency, you should talk to Vueling again to be on the safe side!


Vueling: Liquids in hand luggage

As a rule, the same applies to liquids in hand luggage, regardless of whether you are travelling with American Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa or Vueling.

The rules are based on the EU Regulation No. 185/2010 and essentially say the following:

  • Liquids (including sprays and gels) must be transported in a bag of liquids
  • This liquid bag must be resealable and transparent
  • The maximum capacity of each container of liquid (e.g. shaving foam, toothpaste, perfume, Nutella) must not exceed 100 ml
  • The capacity of the bag itself must not exceed 1000 ml
  • The transparent bag may have a maximum size of 20 x 20 cm
  • Only one such liquid bag per person is permitted
  • The liquid bag must be presented separately at the security checkpoint at the airport

Vueling: Exception rule for liquid baby food and liquid medication in hand luggage

Special conditions apply to liquid baby food and liquid medicines to be taken on board and other medical utensils such as syringes (e.g. insulin syringes). There is an exception rule for these products, which allows you to take these products with you, even in containers larger than 100 ml per container.

As far as liquid medicines in containers with more than 100 ml are concerned, however, you will need a medical certificate to ensure that the exception rule really applies. You may then have to present this certificate at the security checkpoint.

You can find out where you can get such a certificate and what there is to consider in this regard in our article Syringes in hand luggage.

For liquid baby food, you don’t need to present a medical certificate at the security checkpoint.


Vueling: Food in hand luggage

In principle, Vueling also allows solid food to be carried in hand luggage. You may also consume solid food on board the aircraft. You can therefore easily bring chips, sandwiches and any other kind of snack in solid form into the cabin and enjoy them during the flight.

However, as far as liquid food is concerned, you must also observe the hand luggage rules for liquids in hand luggage. These rules also apply, for example, to spreads such as Nutella or sausage spread.

If you fly across EU borders, then you must be aware that there are strict import regulations for certain foodstuffs and sometimes also bans. For example, you may not import milk or meat products.

Although these products usually do not cause any problems at the security checkpoint either, they are likely to get confiscated customs in the country of destination later on.

In the case of snacks that are already consumed on board, you should also ensure that they are not strong-smelling products. In the case of strong-smelling foods (e.g. certain types of cheese), you may not be allowed to eat them on board due to the strong smell.


Musical instruments on board at Vueling

Musicians don’t have it easy on air travel. Unfortunately, Vueling is no exception. On the contrary! Anyone looking at Vueling for the conditions for transporting musical instruments as (hand) luggage will not be overwhelmed with information on the subject.

In the transport conditions of Vueling you will only find the following:

Objects (including musical instruments, etc.) that do not correspond to the dimensions intended for hand luggage will not be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin unless the passenger has paid for a ticket or connection ticket for the conscious objects.

The following can be deduced from this:

  • A musical instrument can be brought into the cabin as a large piece of hand luggage, but only if it meets the same requirements as regular large pieces of hand luggage. In plain language, this means that your musical instrument must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm in size and weigh more than 10 kilograms (including transport container!).
  • If you take a musical instrument with you as a large piece of hand luggage, this must be your only large piece of hand luggage. You cannot take this with you in addition to a large piece of hand luggage (such as a hand luggage trolley).
  • At Vueling, a musical instrument may also be carried in an additional seat.
  • If a musical instrument is transported in an extra seat, the following applies: the musical instrument must not exceed 136 x 47 x 25 cm in size and 75 kg in weight. The conditions for transport on an extra seat can be found in this Vueling PDF.

If you want to carry a regular guitar as hand luggage with Vueling, then this will only be possible on an additional seat, because a conventional guitar cannot logically fulfil the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

And while we’re at it: Here is another article about the transport of musical instruments by air in general: 9 valuable tips for the transport of musical instruments by air.


Vueling: Pets in cabin

Various cheap airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair do not carry any pets on their flights (with the exception of assistance dogs). So what’s Vueling’s situation like?

Vueling shows itself to be an animal-friendly airline and allows the transport of some pets in the cabin of the plane. However, Vueling does not carry any animals in the cargo hold.

The pets that can be carried at Vueling in the passenger cabin are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds (except birds of prey)
  • Turtles
  • Fish

However, some rules and regulations must be complied with. That would be:

  • The dimensions of the transport container must not exceed 45 x 39 x 21 cm
  • The animal may weigh a maximum of 8 kilograms including the transport container
  • It must be a soft, non-rigid transport container
  • You must procure this transport container yourself and bring it with you
  • Each passenger may bring no more than one pet per flight and no more than two pets per flight
  • If you are travelling with a dog or cat, you must have a pet passport for them (timely rabies vaccination is mandatory!)
  • Further information about pets at Vueling can be found here on the Vueling website


How strict is Vueling on hand luggage?

Vueling is not very strict about hand luggage, because the airline allows a large piece of hand luggage (max. 10 kg) as well as a personal item (handbag or laptop bag); in principle, both can be brought on board.

In principle?

Yes, while 10 kilograms for the large piece of hand luggage are actually very generous for a low-cost airline like Vueling and theoretically you can also take a small piece of hand luggage on board at no extra cost, unfortunately Vueling often has the situation that you have to hand in your hand luggage at the gate due to lack of space in the plane. Of course, this is annoying. However, this is, unfortunately, a practice that is now operated by many airlines, especially low-cost airlines.

As far as the fairness in size and the compliance with the given dimensions for hand luggage is concerned, however, Vueling shows his better side and sometimes turns a blind eye. Vueling also performs relatively few checks here (regarding the weight and dimensions of the hand luggage).


What is the best way to contact Vueling?

Vueling Airlines Contact

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Many roads lead to Rome. And also many roads lead to Vueling, one could say. Here are four ways you can go to get in touch with Vueling.

If you are like me and don’t like to make phone calls, I would recommend you to contact Vueling via Twitter.

If you still want to pick up the phone, then here is the Vueling hotline number for the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the rest of the world:


Vueling Hotline UK: 02035143971

Vueling Hotline Germany: 0180690909090

Vueling Hotline Switzerland: 0900000340

Vueling Hotline Austria: 01230461105

Vueling Hotline Rest of the World: +34931518158


Vueling Hand Luggage FAQ


What is the maximum weight of hand luggage at Vueling?

The large piece of hand luggage at Vueling may weigh 10 kilograms. According to the explanations on the Vueling website, there is no (recognisable) weight limit for the small piece of hand luggage (also called personal item).


Is it allowed to carry walking sticks in hand luggage at Vueling?

No. Walking sticks are not allowed in Vueling’s hand luggage. Hiking poles usually do not even make it through the security check at the airport, as hiking poles are generally classified as dangerous objects by staff. So if you want to take walking sticks with you on your flight, you must check them in as checked baggage.


Can I also take a handbag on board as hand luggage at Vueling?

Yes, in general, you can bring on board a so-called personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag as part of your hand luggage allowance. Please note, however, that you may have to hand in your hand luggage (at least the large piece) at the gate; Vueling reserves the right to transport hand luggage in the cargo hold if there is a lack of space in the aircraft…and this, unfortunately, happens relatively often!


Does Vueling offer catering on board?

On the flights from Vueling there is food, but only for money. There is nothing free of charge — also, no drinks. You even have to pay for water.


Can I take a Powerbank with me in my hand luggage at Vueling?

Yes, up to two Powerbanks are allowed per person on Vueling flights. However, these Powerbanks must meet certain requirements. Please refer to our article Batteries in hand luggage for the corresponding rules. Please note that it is forbidden to use the Powerbank on board at Vueling.


Is it allowed to bring additional accessories on board Vueling flights?

Some airlines allow you to bring on board accessories such as an umbrella or a bouquet of flowers free of charge and in addition to the regular hand luggage allowance (i.e. in addition to a large piece of hand luggage and a personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag). On the official website of Vueling, you won’t find any information about this topic. What does this mean for you? Well, let’s put it this way: If you bring an umbrella with you, you may be asked by Vueling to stow it in your regular hand luggage. If this is not possible, you may have to leave the umbrella behind. On the other hand, it is also possible that no one will actually care if you bring an umbrella with you. Accordingly, it is, to a certain extent, a game with fire…


Can I bring a razor in Vueling’s hand luggage?

Electric shavers are also no problem with the cheap airline Vueling in hand luggage. But not all types of razors are allowed to travel in hand luggage. Classic wet razors with an open blade are prohibited in Vueling’s hand luggage, as are all other airlines because they are considered potential weapons. Epilators, on the other hand, are OK in Vueling’s hand luggage, as are disposable razors with blades behind bars.


Can I bring medication in my hand luggage on flights with Vueling?

Medication in hand luggage is generally allowed with all airlines, including Vueling. Medications in solid form, such as tablets (pills), are problem-free and do generally not require a medical certificate. If you would like to bring liquid medication on Vueling flights, this is also possible. If the liquid medicines are to be transported in containers larger than 100 ml, then you must have a medical certificate for these medicines, because otherwise the general rule for liquids in hand luggage also applies to these medicines (= only 100 ml liquid per container & all containers must be stowed in the bag for liquids, only one such bag per person).


Does Vueling have a live chat?

No. The Spanish airline Vueling does not currently offer a live chat. Airlines offering live chat include Condor, easyJet and Ryanair.