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Seat Reservation with Ryanair: From What Point on is it Possible?

When can seats be reserved at Ryanair?

With Ryanair, you can make the seat reservation immediately (at a charge) at the time of booking. You can also make the seat reservation later via “My booking” (Attention: costs more!).

If you buy a seat, you can already check in online 60 days before departure. If you do not buy a seat, i.e. do not make a seat reservation, then the online check-in is only open 48 hours before departure and you will automatically be assigned a seat.

At the time of online check-in, you can still buy a seat, but that will cost you more (= same price as buying via “My booking”).


When is the best time to make a seat reservation?

It is best to select your seats at the time of booking. This has two key advantages:

If you choose your seat when you book, you will logically have more choice than if you do it later, especially if you book your flight very early.
The price for the seats is the cheapest at the time of booking. If you make the seat reservation after booking, you will have to pay more.

Attention: If you want to make sure that you and your friends/family sit next to each other, you will have to pay for your seats.


Is the price for a seat different after booking (via your personal account, but before check-in) and during online check-in?

The price you pay during the booking is actually the cheapest.

If you make the seat reservation after booking, you will always pay a higher price, regardless of whether you reserve or buy the seat via your account or at the online check-in.

If you have not made a chargeable seat reservation (meaning you chose random the option “random seat allocation”, online check-in with Ryanair is only possible 48 hours before departure.


How long does Ryanair give you the opportunity to change your seat reservation?

Online check-in, and thus the possibility of making changes to your seat reservation online, is possible up to two hours before departure.