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The Best Way to Book Multi City Flights – Great Tips!

The Best Way to Book Multi City Flights – Great Tips!

Air travel can be a complex process filled with stress from start to finish. Where there can be an added layer of complications when multi-city flights are concerned.

Multi-city flights are a great way to visit many locations on one trip. It is also far cheaper than booking one-way tickets to locations.

Multi-city flights can be useful in many ways including if you would like to depart from the airport and spend time in the city, or if you need to reach a smaller airport or make it to a location on a specific date.

So how should I go about booking a multi-city flight?


What is the Best Way to Book Multi City Flights?

There are two ways to go about booking multi-city flights. You can book through a third-party travel website or directly through airline companies. The easiest method is typically to book through a third-party travel website, but that is not always the cheapest option. Booking directly through the airlines can sometimes offer deals and discounts.


What is a Multi-City Flight?

A multi-city flight is when you are planning to see multiple locations on your trip.

A multi-city flight can also be useful if you’re looking to book a more affordable flight or a flight on an airline that does not offer direct service to that area. Multi-city trips can extend the travel experience.

Multi-city flights can be less expensive because you have the flexibility to select deals.

Multi-city flights are also more affordable than if you were to book one-way tickets to each location. There are bundles and airline partnerships that make this more affordable.

Why Take a Multi City Flight?

While one of the most typical reasons to book a multi-city flight is if you cannot find a direct flight date or location. Smaller airports often require that you travel on a multi-city flight and make a connection through the same airline or a partner airline.

A multi-city flight can also be useful if you’re looking to book a more affordable flight.

Multi-city flights don’t need to be about just reaching smaller airports or lesser-known locations. Many people use multi-city flights to plan an extended trip.

Depending on if you just want to spend a few hours in a city or if you would like to spend longer, booking multi-city flights can open the window to that opportunity.


Booking Multi-City Flights Through A Third Party Website

One way to book multi-city flights is through a third-party travel website. Sites such as Orbitz have the option to make a multi-city trip easily. You can select up to five destinations, selecting where you would like to leave from and what your next destination will be.

Booking through a third-party travel website is an easy way to book a multi-city trip. These sites scan for all the different options that are available for the dates and times of your intended travel.

The only issue that can arise is in the availability of dates for particular destinations. If you are flexible on when you would like to take your trip, this isn’t an issue.


Booking Multi-City Flights Directly Through Airlines

You can book directly through an airline’s website. This method can be great if you have a preferred airline or airline miles that you would like to apply for your trip.

It can be a cheaper method as well, as airlines like Southwest run deals or promote low-fare travel times. These are a great option if you have flexible travel dates.

If your dates are not flexible, booking directly through the airline can provide more precise timing for travel dates. Airlines also often have partnerships with other airline carriers.

This expands the likelihood that you will be able to stick to a more favorable schedule.

These flights can be more expensive if you are going through multiple airlines that do not have partnerships.

Think of it this way: if you are booking multiple flights with different airline carriers, you need to pay taxes and fees that are associated with both.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Way to Book Multi City Flights


What is the most affordable way to book a multi-city flight?

The most affordable method to book a multi-city flight is typically through a third-party travel website, unless you utilize one airline carrier. When booking through a third-party travel website, you pay the fees at one time.


How much time should I plan in-between flights?

This depends on what type of trip you are planning. If you are simply looking to book multi-city flights to get a better price, plan to have at least an hour in-between flights. This is in part due to accounting for delays. If you are planning on exiting the airport, you have greater flexibility on how much time you want in each city.


What is a multi-city trip?

One way to use multi-city flights is to take a vacation to multiple cities. A multi-city flight doesn’t just have to be for convenience, it can be a chance to extend a vacation.


Booking multi-city flights can seem like a daunting task, but it is anything but that.

Whether you select to book through a third-party website or the airlines and their partner airlines directly, you can find affordable and convenient flights through both.

Booking multi-city flights can open the door to easier travel. While most people think that a direct flight is the cheapest option, it oftentimes is a more expensive method of travel.