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Mustard in Hand Luggage

Mustard in Hand Luggage

Mustard in Hand Luggage


Is mustard allowed in hand luggage?

In the case of prepared mustard, such as conventional mustard from a mustard tube or mustard jar, the rule for liquids in hand luggage must be observed. Accordingly, such mustard may only be transported in hand luggage in containers of 100 ml each. Moreover, these containers would need to be put in the bag for liquids. Only such bag is allowed per passenger. 

If the mustard is in a solid (powdered) state, then this mustard may also be transported in larger quantities in hand luggage.  When traveling to the U.S, however, the powder rule must be observed in this case, which came into force last year.


Mustard in hand luggage on trips to the USA?

You can generally rely on the website of the TSA, the American Transportation Security Administration when it comes to finding out which items may and may not be stowed in hand luggage in the USA.

But with mustard, the website remains “silent” for once. The subject of mustard is handled in the same way in the USA as in Europe.

In concrete terms, this means that mustard in liquid form may only be transported in small quantities in hand luggage (maximum 100 ml per container).


What else there is to consider when traveling either to the US or in the US, you will find in our article: Luggage Rules USA 2018/2019 | 7 Things You Need to Know


Powder rule for powdered mustard

For mustard in powder form, we have already seen that when you travel to the USA, you have to consider the powder rule that was introduced last year. So what is this rule all about?

The TSA says:

Starting June 30, 2018, if you are traveling from an international last-point-of-departure to the U.S., powder-based substances in carry-on baggage greater than 350mL or 12 oz. may require additional screening at the central checkpoint. Powder-like substances over 12 oz. or 350mL in carry-on that cannot be resolved at the central checkpoint will not be allowed onto the cabin of the aircraft and will be disposed of. TSA

So, if you are bringing mustard in powder form in containers with more than 350 ml, it might be a good idea to put them in checked luggage rather than in your carry-on bag. Please don’t forget that this rule only needs to be observed when traveling from an international last-point-of-departure to the U.S.


May mustard be carried in your checked baggage?

Yes. No problem. The only thing to consider here is the import and export regulations (customs). There is no restriction for liquids in checked baggage, with the exception of aerosols (e.g. hairspray).


Mustard seeds for biofuel flights?

Mustard is not just an amazing thing to eat. It turns out that mustard seeds can also be an important part of biofuel. Isn’t that awesome? Qantas used mustard seeds (10% derived from the brassica carinata) in first-ever biofuel flight between Australia and the US.

Mustard seeds helped to reduce carbon emissions and experts believe that mustard seeds could double as a valuable crop and also as a source of sustainable fuel for farmers (for instance for the use in tractors).

The Guardian published an interesting article about this topic: Mustard seeds serve as biofuel


Related Questions


Can spices be transported in hand luggage? In general, the transport of spices in hand luggage is permitted as long as they are spices in solid form.

As soon as liquid spices are involved, the regulations for liquids in hand luggage must be observed. You can find out which spices require caution and what else needs to be observed in this context in our article: Spices in hand luggage.


What does everything have to be in the ZIP bag? Everything that is liquid must be in the bag. The trick here is to know what is considered liquid and what is not.

For example, Nutella and soft cheese are also considered liquid. On the other hand, there are also a few exceptions where liquids do not have to be transported in this Zip bag.

If, for example, you transport medicines that require refrigeration using freezer packs, then these freezer packs (which usually contain a coolant) do not have to be transported in the zip bag for liquids.

However, cold packs may ONLY be carried in hand luggage if they are used for exactly this purpose (refrigeration of medicines requiring refrigeration).


Can a deodorant be carried in hand luggage? Yes, as long as you do not violate the rules for liquids in hand luggage. It must, therefore, be a very small deodorant with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. And this deodorant must be stored in the bag for liquids. You can find more detailed information about this topic in our article: Deodorant in Carry-on-Baggage: Allowed?


Is it allowed to carry sweets in your hand luggage? It is usually possible to carry sweets in your hand luggage without any problems. Just make sure that it is sweets in solid form. For sweets in liquid form, the rule for liquids in hand luggage must also be followed. This would be the case, for example, for Nutella or chocolate mousse. You must also comply with the import and export regulations of the countries you are traveling to. If it is only for provisions during the flight, then it is generally possible to take sweets with you in your hand luggage without any problems.


What are the hand luggage regulations at London Heathrow Airport? The rules for security checks with regard to which items may and may not be carried are generally the same in the EU. Depending on the country, there may be small differences and, of course, the security officer at the security control always decides in the end.

It is obvious that the decisions are not always exactly the same, because no security officer can know every object and always judge every object correctly. Essentially, however, the rules are the same. What objects make it successfully through the security control, by the way, is always decided by the security personnel at the security control and this personnel is NOT provided by the airlines. You are essentially dealing with airport staff there (police).

Please visit the London Heathrow airport website to get more information and advice about procedures at the security control at London Heathrow.