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Visit Grindelwald Switzerland in Winter – Grüezi!

When winter spreads its icy claws over the Swiss Alps, why not pack your winter warmers and walking shoes and head to Grindelwald in Switzerland for the winter holiday you will never forget.


Visit Grindelwald Switzerland in winter

Grindelwald is in the Bern Canton in south-central Switzerland. It is the gatekeeper for the Jungfrau region, which gives you every option to enjoy the Swiss Alps and skiing pistes for every level in winter. From walking around a cliff face on the First cliff walk, to riding along the streets on a velogemmel, there is an abundance of activities and attractions to keep you busy through the winter days and nights.


First cliff walk

There is a gondola from Grindelwald to the top of the Schwarzhon, where you can test your mettle on the First Cliff Walk, a metal walkway snaking along and around the heights.

It leads to the Sky Bridge, which reaches a further 45 meters out over the valley below. This is not an experience for the faint-hearted and is certainly an experience you would not forget.



In winter, you can take the opportunity to explore the mountains near Grindelwald on foot, as there are various hiking trails to follow.

Make sure that you pack the correct clothing to keep warm and tough, waterproof shoes or boots, then you are set to enjoy the mountain air on foot.

The Jungfrau Eiger Run begins at the top of the Eiger glacier. You begin your adventure by taking the gondola up to the Eiger Glacier.

From there, there is a hiking trail that leads to Kleine Scheidegg. The amazing views of the magnificent Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau will stay with you forever.


The Jungfraujoch

When you are in Grindelwald, take the opportunity to ride on the highest train station in the world, the Jungfraujoch.

You begin the journey by train from Grindelwald Grund, to Kleine Scheidegg, where you change onto the funicular that takes you up to Jungfraujoch.

There are various hiking trails that also leave from Kleine Scheidegg, so you can put on your boots and take a hike – depending on the weather when you are in Grindelwald.



Around Grindelwald, you can spend days skiing or snowboarding on any of the 51 pistes, which are best suited to intermediate skiers, with some slopes that cater to beginners.

More advanced skiers will possibly need to look slightly further afield, such as at the Kleine Scheidegg/Mannlichen ski resort.

If you are just learning to ski, then you can learn the ropes (before the slopes) ad the BodmiArena, in the middle of Grindelwald.

Cross country skiing is also on offer in Grindelwald. The town has an area with 15 kilometers of tracks for all levels of cross-country skiing.



Somewhere between skiing and snowboarding is sledding. Have you ever sat back and taken a smooth run down a sled run?

When you visit Grindelwald in winter, you can take a spin down any of a range of sled runs.

If you want to look for a real challenge, then you can try out the longest sled run in the world, beginning in Faulhorn and ending in Grindelwald.


Snowshoe trails

If you want the experience of being on snow, but are not a skier or snowboarder, then venturing out over powdery snow with snowshoes firmly strapped to your feet is something to try.

There are snowshoe trails in Grindelwald. When you feel proficient enough, there are more formal snowshoe tours you can join.


The Velogemmel

Imagine riding a bicycle through the snow. That is what the inhabitants of Grindelwald have been doing for nearly 100 years on their Velogemmel, an unusual form of transportation that is unique to Grindelwald. This is just something you will have to try.

The Velogemmel is a quasi-cycle that uses sled runners instead of wheels. There are no pedals.

When you go uphill, or on the flat, you push with your legs. Going downhill, you take advantage of gravity and rest your feet on the frame, while steering carefully. In fact, it is the ancestor of the skibob.


Eigerness Brand

Something else that is unique to Grindelwald is the Eigerness Brand, which aims to help visitors become familiar with what makes Grindelwald unique.

Look out for food and cooking; cultural and traditional activities; and wellness products and facilities bearing the brand.


Places to eat

When you have spent a day out hiking in the mountains, or on the slopes, or braving the First Cliff Walk, or strolling around the winter streets of Grindelwald, then it’s time to cozy up in one of the wonderful eateries.

Go to the Avocado Bar for a laid-back evening of drinks, then supper with music nights. There is the option of outside seating, right below the magnificence of the surrounding Alps.

For a healthy option, you can visit Restaurant Glacier, where you will be served food that is home-grown and using homemade bases that are tailored for the winter.

For more refined dining, you can choose the Restaurant Belvedere, where you can enjoy the original, inspiring fare, using local products to produce gourmet meals.

Then there is the Restaurant Schmitte , which offers a breakfast buffet to start the day, or homemade pâtisserie throughout the day.


Frequently Asked Questions About Visting Grindelwald in Winter


What is special about the Jungfraujoch near Grindelwald?

The Jungfraujoch near Grindelwald is the highest railway station in the whole world. You travel there by rail to Kleine Scheidegg and then take the rack rail up to the station.


What is a velogemmel?

A velogemmel is a cross between a bicycle and sled that is unique to Grindelwald. It has a bicycle frame, without pedals, and sled runners instead of wheels.


Grindelwald in the Bern canton in Switzerland is the gateway to the Jungfrau area, which opens up a world of mountains, skiing, and hiking in winter. Pack your ski jackets and hiking boots and head there for a winter holiday full of snow, mountains, and crisp air.