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What Happens if You Skip Checkout in US Hotels

What Happens if You Skip Checkout in US Hotels

Are you planning to travel or take a trip soon? If you are staying in a hotel, protocols and processes have changed since the pandemic.

Many establishments are changing the way that guests check out and adopting technology to provide contactless check-out procedures that make it swift and easy for the guest.


In US Hotels, What Happens if you Skip Checkout and Just Leave the Hotel?

Skipping checkout and just leaving the hotel is not going to cause a problem, but letting the staff know that you are leaving can help housekeeping get the room done swiftly- which is always appreciated. Since many hotels are offering easy alternatives to conventional check-outs, like apps and online services, it makes sense to go ahead and check out to ensure you do not accrue any late check-out fees or charges.


Planning to stay in a hotel anytime soon? Keep reading to find out more about skipping check-out!


Check- Out

Why is it that travelers dislike checking in or out of their hotel room? Checking in is a bit different due to the anticipation and eagerness to get into your room, but checking out can be a downer.

Due to the pandemic, the ways that travelers check out of hotels have changed quite a bit.

It is surprisingly funny how many guests think they need to sneak out to avoid the interaction, waiting, and inconvenience of checking out at the front desk.

Worried about a line? Ask your hotelier if they offer a contactless, online check-out service. Many hotels are turning to this to accommodate guests traveling post-pandemic as well as to lighten the load of the staff.

Stopping by the front desk to drop a key does give travelers the chance to peek at their bill before it is charged to their credit card. Worried about being overcharged?

Checking out with staff gives you the opportunity to review your charges, although you can call or email the hotel later regarding questions.

Some industry professionals report that more than half of their guests are ‘silent check-outs’, that is, they leave the key or key card in the room and skedaddle. This is perfectly normal and fine- just don’t be late in checking out.


Hotel Exit Tips

There are other ways to make your check-out experience easier and less stressful, for sure. Consider these tips:


Request an Early Check-in or Late Checkout

Ask your hotel when booking about flexible check-ins and check-outs. Requesting early or late provision gives you more time there, which may accommodate travel plans better.


Take One Last Look Around

Nobody plans to leave their belongings behind, but it happens. Take one last look around the room after you have packed and are ready to go.

Make a mental list to ensure you aren’t leaving something in the room when you go.


Provide your Email Address at Check-in

Go ahead and give the hotel staff your email address when you check in- it will make check-out that much simpler and contactless later.


Look at the Bill Promptly

Look at your hotel bill when you leave. Do not put this off. This is one reason why checking out with a human at the front desk makes sense- it gives you an opportunity to review the bill and dispute any charges, as needed.


Leave a Tip

Create a good ch’i and show appreciation by leaving a tip. Sure, you can sneak away and stiff the staff easily at a hotel, but why would you want to if the accommodations were pleasant?

Leave the team a tip in the room before you go.


Frequently Asked Questions About Skipping Checkout in the US


What happens if you skip checking out of a hotel?

If you skip out of a hotel at check-out time, nothing notable happens and you will likely get a copy of the room bill emailed to you. This does make it more difficult to dispute charges if you find that you were overbilled. Many hotels are adopting contactless checkout for guests following the pandemic.


Can a guest stay in a hotel after check-out time?

The guest is no longer paying for the room after check-out, so no, guests should not stay in the room late. However, there may be amenities on the property, like restaurants or pools, that permit guests to utilize them after check-out. To learn more, consult with the hotel directly.


Can a hotel refuse to let someone stay there?

The proprietor has the right to refuse service to anyone that he/she considers a liability and a risk to others. Guests also have rights regarding accommodation and what constitutes a reasonable time frame.


What if you leave something behind in a hotel room?

If the room is occupied, and the property is left behind, the housekeeper will notify the front desk to confirm you are still a guest. If something is left behind and the guest has checked out, the items are secured, typically, and guests are notified per the distinct policies of the hotel.


So, skipping checkout doesn’t mean the cops will be chasing you down the highway as you make your way home.

What it does mean, however, is that you could be setting yourself up for added late check-out fees if the staff does not know you have left.

Plus, you might be able to make the housekeeper’s day a bit easier by simply letting someone know that you are leaving- either online, on the phone, or at the desk.