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How Much to Tip a Shuttle Driver – Thats Fair!

Some travelers are confused about who and when it is appropriate to leave a tip.

A gratuity is almost always welcome- though if the individual providing you with service refuses the tip, do not pressure or push.

Some companies prohibit their staff from accepting tips. As for drivers, it is usually appropriate and often expected that riders will tip on top of their fare.


How much to tip a shuttle driver

Since many shuttles are complimentary or out of courtesy for guests, plan on tipping a dollar or two per person. As for luggage, many travelers feel that an additional buck a bag is a good rule of thumb. If you are paying for the shuttle service, plan on tipping around 15-20% of the cost of that provision. As always, tipping is a gratuity for good service rendered- if you feel that the service was above or below par, tip accordingly.


Want to know more about tipping? Keep reading!


Tipping Tips

When it comes to tipping the driver of a shuttle, you should allocate the same 15-20% gratuity that you would for any other service or ride.

In the event that the shuttle is provided free for you, such as a hotel or courtesy shuttle, you should also offer the driver a tip.

In most cases, the driver is also the one who handles and helps with baggage- isn’t this worth a tip?

If you see others working and handling bags, it is likely that the driver pools tips and shares with other members of staff that provide services to guests.

When the ride is complimentary, it is customary to tip a dollar or two per person and consider the same amount per piece of luggage or bag that you get help handling.

While there are no set-in-stone guidelines pertaining to shuttle drivers, consider the long hours and dependable service that they provide.

Aren’t they worth a little something? Your dollar or two adds up in the context of a busy day, so consider leaving a tip any time that you use a shuttle.


Group Gratuities

There are some distinctions in tipping when it comes to groups or traveling parties. For instance, what about when you charter a bus? Who tips the driver, and how much is appropriate?

In this case, the person organizing and paying for the charter should include a gratuity for the driver, guide, and any other hands-on people involved with the outing.

The tip is already part of the event budget if it is a corporate gig, so it may not be as prudent for guests to tip the charter driver.

With that being said, however, if the driver provides you with above-and-beyond service or drives with distinct challenges- again, weather or traffic, it is appreciated to give him a dollar or two per head on top of any tip that may have been paid for at the time of charter booking.

Also, know that these drivers often pool and split tips with other drivers, guides, or baggage handlers.

When an outing is crowdfunded, that is, everyone is chipping in on the ride, it makes the most sense to ask each person to chip in on the gratuity, as well.

The exact tip amount depends on the distance, event, and other details. Try not to think of a tip as a burden, but rather as an opportunity to share gratitude and possibly make someone’s day a bit brighter, as well.


Frequently Asked Questions About What to Tip a Shuttle Driver


How much should you tip?

Experts report that when service is satisfactory to good, tip 15-20% of the bill. During difficult times, like the pandemic, some consumers are compelled to tip a bit more as a show of empathy to essential workers and the services provided.


How much do you tip a taxi or cab driver?

Tip your taxi or cab driver the same as you would any other service provider- around 15% of the bill. If this percentage is less than a dollar, add an extra buck to the gratuity. Try to round-up to prevent your driver from needing to make or give out change to you.


Should you tip hotel or airport shuttle drivers?

You should tip a shuttle driver like any other cab or taxi service. If you are paying for the ride, consider the usual 15-20% tip, but if the ride is a courtesy shuttle, plan on tipping $1-2 per person, or $4-5 per your travel party.


Who do you tip?

Generally, it is acceptable to tip anyone providing you with a personal service. If they are not permitted to accept tips, they will generally inform you of this. Do not pressure or force someone to accept a gratuity; it could cost them their job.


How much should you tip an Uber driver?

You should consider tipping an Uber or Lyft driver, and most drivers expect a tip. The appropriate amount is around 20% of the overall fare, but riders may also want to consider tipping a little more if they made stops along the way or are traveling in difficult conditions, such as a storm or heavy traffic.


How can you quickly figure out a 20 percent tip?

The quickest way to figure a 20% gratuity for services rendered is to use your Smartphone! If you don’t have your phone nearby, consider doubling the tax for an adequate tip. If service is exceptional, add a little extra or round-up.


Go ahead and tip your shuttle driver- even if it is a complimentary service being provided for you.

Consider the circumstances, traffic, weather, and distance when giving a tip to your driver- and sweeten the gratuity when you can.