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Using a Frequent Flyer Number for Someone Else – These are the Options

Using a Frequent Flyer Number for Someone Else – These are the Options

Frequent flyer points are one of the primary benefits of flying on an airplane on a regular basis.

However, in the event that I would like to transfer my points to another person, such as a family member or even your best friend, I have to keep a few things in mind.

The first thing I will tell you is that you can pick someone and let them benefit from the frequent flyer points you have accumulated in the majority of cases.

In fact, I will also add that doing so is actually often quite simple if you are flying with a major airline.

I have several different options if I want to use my frequent flyer number for someone else.


Can You Use a Frequent Flyer Number for Someone Else?

One of the main options you have to use your frequent flyer number for another person is to purchase the ticket for the other person. Another option is to transfer your miles to the other person’s frequent flyer account. The third option is swapping your miles with those of the other person.


I Can Buy The Ticket For Someone Else

The simplest way to use my frequent flyer number for another person is to buy the ticket for them. All I have to do is log into my frequent flyer account and pick the flights I would like to purchase.

After that, I just go to the passenger information section and replace my name, which is on the ticket, with the other person’s name.

I will point out that you must put in the birthday, name, and any other information used for identification correctly.

This information is required to match the information that is on either their passport or their driver’s license.

If you’re worried about misspelling a name, I’d advise that you keep in mind that misspelling a name on a plane ticket doesn’t always matter too much.

The general rule is that misspelling a name slightly isn’t a problem, but misspelling it really badly will prevent that person from flying.

One part of the answer to the question ‘can I use my frequent flyer number for someone else?’ is that you definitely can.

Buying a ticket for someone else is just one way of using your frequent flyer number for someone else’s benefit.


I Can Transfer My Miles to the Other Person

The majority of airlines let me transfer my miles to someone else as long as they have a frequent flyer account of their own.

That other person can then use those miles to book a flight they want.

However, transferring these miles to another person’s frequent flyer account usually isn’t free. In most cases, the airline will charge me a per-mile fee or a simple flat fee for transferring miles.

This is the crucial reason why many people prefer to simply buy a ticket for someone else using their miles. Doing so costs you less money and is a simpler process overall.

Personally, I prefer buying a ticket for someone else instead.


I Can Swap My Miles With Someone Else

If I have gotten smiles with one airline but I want to travel with a different airline, swapping miles with someone else is an option.

Even if you normally fly with Delta but you want to try flying with United Airlines, I want you to know that you can swap miles with that other person.

However, I will add that you will have to use some sort of program from a third party. Loyalty Match is one such third-party program.

The process is simpler when transferring miles between airlines that are partners. One example of this is the Star Alliance.

Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and Thai Airways, along with many other airlines, are included in this.

I can transfer any miles I have with any one of the airlines that is part of the Star Alliance to any partner airline.

I can do this via the Miles and More program from the Star Alliance.


Can I Use My Frequent Flyer Number to Receive Points from Other Peoples’ Flights?

There are several methods that let me use my frequent flyer number for another person. I should add that airlines do impose some limitations on how you can share frequent flyer numbers.

Of course, airlines also have some limits on how I can share the points earned through frequent flyer programs, too.

I don’t know of any airlines that let you get points because you let someone else utilize your own frequent flyer number in order to book a flight.


Frequently Asked Questions about Using Frequent Flyer Numbers


Can businesses receive points from flights that they buy for employees?

Businesses certainly can do this and one reason that they often choose to do this is it helps them spend less money on travel costs. I will add that businesses can choose to earn points from these flights and keep in mind that the company has the choice to do so.


Do any major airlines not allow you to transfer frequent flyer points?

In fact, one major airline that doesn’t let you transfer these points is Southwest Airlines. It seems like they are one of the only major airlines that don’t let you transfer frequent flyer points.


What is the fee for transferring frequent flyer points?

It depends on which airline you choose. The fee for transferring these points seems to range from approximately $20-35.



Every airline has specific rules about frequent flyer numbers, points, and even rules about how many miles I can transfer from my account.

I can use my frequent flyer number to benefit someone else. In my opinion, the easiest way to do so is by buying a ticket for someone else.