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Can You Bring Darts in Your Hand Luggage?

Can You Bring Darts in Your Hand Luggage?

Darts in Hand Luggage


Are darts allowed in hand luggage?

The answer is quite clear: No. Darts are not allowed in hand luggage, neither in the EU nor in the USA. Neither conventional steel darts with a metal tip nor e-darts/soft darts with a plastic tip are allowed. Dart arrows are considered dangerous items (pointed objects) in hand luggage and therefore do not make it through the security check. If you want to bring darts, please do so in your checked baggage.


What about darts in hand luggage in the US?

In the USA, as well as in the EU and in Europe in general, darts are banned in hand luggage. As always, you will find the information about this at the American Transport Security Authority TSA: Darts in hand luggage in the US. There is no quantity restriction for darts in checked baggage.


But what about Softdarts?

Sorry, dear darts friends. Also E-Darts/Softdarts with plastic tip don’t usually work in hand luggage. Even these apparently less dangerous darts have to be carried in your checked baggage.


Keep practising, though


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Can you bring Darts in your checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring as many darts as you like in your checked baggage.


Can you take steel tip darts on a plane?

All kinds of darts are prohibited in hand luggage. So it doesn’t matter if we are talking about steel tip darts or softdarts, they all must be packed in checked baggage.


Can you bring weight plates in your hand luggage?

There is a high probability that you will not get through the security check with weight plates, as weight plates are generally considered dangerous objects by security personnel. It is therefore essential that you pack the weight plates into your checked baggage! Of course, this also applies to dumbbells with weight plates.