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Condoms in Hand Luggage: Is It Really a Problem?

Condoms in Hand Luggage


And off we go in a new round in the funny game: What is allowed in hand luggage and what is not? Today it’s condoms’ turn. Are you allowed to bring the rubbers in your hand luggage without further ado or do you have to stow them in your checked baggage? Let’s find out!


Are you allowed to carry condoms in hand luggage?

There is absolutely no reason why condoms shouldn’t be carried in hand luggage. So the answer is YES. No problem. The condoms do not have to be stored in the container for liquids. You can just simply carry the condoms in their original packaging.


Can you also simply stow the condoms in your trouser pocket?

You are not allowed to carry condoms in your trouser pocket, because they sound the alarm at the security check at the gate probe.

As a general rule, you must remove all items from your trouser and jacket pockets at the security check. This rule also applies to condoms.

You should, therefore, stow the condoms in your hand luggage at least for passing through the security check so that you do not waste valuable time at the security checkpoint.


Is there a limit to the number of rubbers you can carry?

No, there is no limit. You should not forget, however, that you must comply with the airline’s weight and size regulations. However, there are no other restrictions for this type of contraceptive.


Take rubbers in your wallet with you on the plane?

Yes, you can. But don’t forget that you have to take your wallet and condoms out of your pocket at the security checkpoint before you go through the gate. Otherwise, the alarm goes off.

However, carriage in your purse is not necessarily recommended. Friction with other objects in your wallet may damage the condoms.

Transport in the original box (if still available) is therefore usually preferable.


Isn’t it too cold for condoms in the hold?

No. A condom can be stored relatively cold. Also, it doesn’t get as cold in the hold as you might think.

However, extreme temperatures (heat/cold) have to be avoided, but a cool storage (especially on hot days) is recommended.


Buy condoms on site or bring them with you?

While condoms are available almost everywhere nowadays, it can still make sense to bring them with you when you go on holiday. Reasons for this include, among others:

  • at your destination, there may be no condoms in your size
  • the condoms might be of insufficient quality
  • the expiration date of the condoms may already have passed when buying the condoms (purchase at shabby points of sale)

Condoms in checked baggage?

With condoms, you have a free choice. You can also carry your Durex and other condoms in checked baggage. In principle, the same regulations apply here as for the transport of condoms in hand luggage.