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Stay in a Tiny Vacation Getaway Called Hobbit House

Stay in a Tiny Vacation Getaway Called Hobbit House

The popularity of some big-screen films and a widespread desire to get back to simpler times has contributed to the burgeoning popularity of hobbit houses, and many travelers are planning their vacations around stays in these humble, minuscule abodes.

From the rounded front door and warm wood features to the hillside design amid natural surroundings, this style of home has been embraced and replicated widely- attracting visitors and guests from around the globe.


Where can you stay in a tiny vacation getaway called hobbit house?

While the original Hobbit house is a movie set located in New Zealand, guests may not stay there, though they can take a tour around the Hobbiton movie set, which has become a tourist attraction. If you want to stay in a replica or variation on the original hobbit house, there are many rentals available in the US and across the globe that will meet hobbit criteria. From Washington State to Asheville, North Carolina, hobbit houses are popping up everywhere.


Want to spend the night in your own hobbit-hole? Keep reading to learn more!


The Hobbiton Movie Set is located on a privately owned farm in Waikato, New Zealand, which was used in filming ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ and ‘The Hobbit’ films.

This property now serves as a tourist attraction and interested visitors can take a guided tour of the film set and all its unique features.

The original hobbit house has gained many copycats across the map- all striving to be like director Peter Jackson’s 12-acre Hobbiton.

Similar to Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit-hole home, these replicas often have mossy roofs and are built into the hillside or natural environment as much as possible.

Bilbo welcomed guests with a bold green door and brass knocker in Hobbiton- and the original home of Bilbo Baggins in New Zealand still has these features.

However, this movie set house is not available to enter and looks little like the movie when you peek inside at this point.

Disappointed fans may choose to venture a bit closer to home and stay in one of the visitor-friendly rentals that are designed to live up to a hobbit’s standards.


Hobbit Houses

If you don’t feel like making the pilgrimage to New Zealand to see a hobbit house, consider a few right here, in the good old USA.

Many sites offer prospective travelers a curated list of hobbit homes that accept overnight guests- basically, an online listing of air b &b rentals for hobbit fans!

Some of the most notable and most hobbit-like include these gems from across the country. Call, visit, or Google to learn more about staying here!


Hobbit Knoll in Asheville, North Carolina

For groups of four guests, the Hobbit Knoll in central North Carolina promises a pristine natural environment and loads of privacy.

This 800 square foot home has a farm theme and rural feel yet is just ten minutes from downtown Asheville. Renters can stay here for around $286 per night.


The Hobbit House in Rogers, Arkansas

If you need a little bit more space, this Arkansas hobbit-hole might work for you. Priced at around $350 per night, this hobbit house can accommodate up to 16 guests!

The home itself is unique and crafted from haybales and recycled materials- including tires!

The result is a clever and comfortable home that even comes with its own swimming pool and outdoor dining area.


Hobbit House in the Hollow in Attalla, Alabama

This Alabama hobbit-hole is earthy and Bohemian. At only $75 per night, this could be the affordable retreat you are looking for.

This rental accommodates two and is near the landmark Noccalula Falls and Coosa River.


The Coolest Hobbit House Airbnb in Middletown Springs, Vermont

Often called the coolest hobbit house around, this Airbnb in Vermont promises an authentic Tolkien experience for guests.

The rental accommodates two and is priced around $350 per night. The 1,100 square foot home sits on 12 acres and was designed to resemble the original Shire hobbit-holes made famous in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’


Frequently Asked Questions About Where to Stay in a Hobbit House


What is a hobbit house?

A hobbit house is a hobbit-hole in The Shire, which is based on the fictitious ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series of books. Hobbit houses are being replicated into earthy, small dwellings in natural environments for guests, renters, and even clients that want to stay there.


How much does it cost to stay in a hobbit house?

Check out the online sites for vacation rentals and you will see a vast price differential, depending on the location of the hobbit house and the amenities that it offers. Overnight stays for two occupants range from $74 in Bainbridge, Washington to over $400 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at the time of this response.


Where is the hobbit house in New Zealand?

The original Hobbit house movie set is in Matamata, New Zealand. This is a rural area with around 12,000 residents. It is a farming community known for agriculture and the breeding of racehorses.


What are hobbit houses called?

Hobbits live in hobbit-holes, and Bilbo from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ resides in the town of Hobbiton. These hobbit-hole homes are underground and quite luxurious.


What is the hobbit house called in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie?

The hobbits’ homes in the popular movie franchise are often called hobbit-holes, or Smials, which were where the race of Hobbits lived in the Shire of Middle Earth.


Try a hobbit house for a night or two! These charming abodes are the perfect destination when you want to getaway and reconnect with nature.

These accommodations are also well-suited to any fantasy or science fiction fan who is a fan of Hobbit culture, too.